Amaryllis Care After Blooming


are great flowers to have after Christmas, but what do you do with them after they bloom? With the right care, amaryllis can bloom year after year. Here are a few tips, and the full guide is available when you click "Learn more" on any slide.


First, remove any spent blooms on the amaryllis. Leave the stem until it turns brown, then cut that back too.

Remove Dead  Flowers

Water the amaryllis regularly, but only when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Fertilize it once or twice a month.

Water & Fertilize

Keep the amaryllis in the sun and water regularly until the last of the leaves turn brown.

Keep in Sun

Once the leaves turn completely brown, you can cut them off, stop watering, and place the amaryllis in a dark area.


more details on caring for an amaryllis after it blooms, along with how to bring it out of dormancy, click "Learn more" below.