All About  Coltsfoot Flowers


is one of the first flowers you'll see in spring! These dandelion-like blooms show up in sunny spots before even snowdrops! Lear more about these flowers when you click "Learn more" on any slide!


Coltsfoot is slightly smaller than a dandelion, with about a 3/4 inch diameter flower head. It grows on a thin, stringy stalk with no leaves. The leaves develop later in the spring after the flowers die back and last until summer.


With its bright yellow flowers, coltsfoot stands out from the dead leaves and snow. It grows close to the ground in ditches, forest edges, and on sunny stream banks. It can also be found in fields, but we usually find it along sections of the road that get lots of sun first.

Where It Grows

The coltsfoot plant is a member of the aster (or daisy) family, just like a dandelion. The term “coltsfoot” comes from the fact that its leaves, once they appear, look like… a colt’s foot.

Name & Family

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