Companion Planting for Beginners


companion plants is a great way to maximize space in your garden. This guide gives you the basics, and the full information with links to plant-specific companion planting guides is available when you click "Learn more."


Companion planting is the practice of planting specific plants together to benefit each other. By planting the right plants together, you can potentially improve the health, productivity, and pest resistance of your garden. The term also covers what plants to avoid growing near each other, since some plants don't get along.

What It Is

Companion plant suggestions are usually based on what gardeners have observed and passed along to other gardeners over time. Because of this, you may have to try several combinations over time to find what works best for your own garden.


Companion plants often assist with one or more of the following: • Maximizing garden spaceAttracting beneficial     insectsImproving soil qualityProviding shade and     windbreakOffering plant supportPreventing weeds


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