Growing Squash in Containers


are fairly easy to grow in containers if you have the right tools! If you lack space in your garden, growing squash in containers allows you to leave them anywhere there's sunshine - indoors or out!


Squash Seeds Large Container Potting Soil Sunny, undisturbed space Optional: Trellis Gravel for Container

What You'll Need

Your squash container will be heavy from the start, so place it where it won't need to be moved. Pick a spot with plenty of open space (at least 3 feet of space on every side) that receives around 7 hours of sunlight per day. The temperatures should be in the 70s during the day.

Container Placement

Layer rocks or gravel in the bottom of your container to help with drainage. Then add potting soil until there's only about an inch left from the top. Use your finger to make one or two 1-inch deep holes near the center of the pot, with 2-3 inches of space between each hole. Drop the seeds in, cover with soil, and pack down gently. 


the full list of directions, plus suggestions for container squash varieties and more care tips, click "Learn more" below!