Gardening Gifts:  Top Presents for Gardeners


can often use new items for their favorite hobby, making them great to shop for during the holidays! Here are a few practical gift options.  To view the full list of ideas, click "Learn more" on any slide.


If you know what your gardener likes to grow in their garden, fresh seeds and bulbs can make a great gift.

Seeds & Bulbs

They often wear out, and it's hard to have too many. This makes them an easy and practical gift for many gardeners.

Gardening Gloves

Like gloves, they tend to break or get lost after a few years. Spares are always appreciated.


Houseplants are a great way to offer a gardener some green in wintertime. Amaryllis are a holiday classic.


are many great gifts for the gardener in your life! For the complete list of gift ideas, click "Learn more" below.