How Often to  Water Mums


most commonly known as chrysanthemums, are a common fall flower. Here's a guide to how often to water mums, including potted and perennial in-ground mums. The full guide can be found when you click "Learn more" on any slide.


Mums of any variety should be watered when the soil at the base of the plant is dry to the touch.

How Often to  Water Mums

Potted mums need to be checked daily and watered often, since they dry out quickly. You should plan to water potted mums daily.

Watering  Potted Mums

If your mums are hardy perennials that have been planted in the ground, they will likely need to be watered every few days. Newly planted mums may need watering every other day or daily.

Watering  Perennial Mums

If your potted or perennial mums are in full sun, expect to water them every day, especially if it's hot out.

Watering Mums  in the Sun

watering is easy when you know how often to do it! For more tips, including how to best water them to prevent rot or fungus issues, click "Learn more" below.