How to Clean a Hummingbird Feeder


need to have clean feeders to prevent illness. In this quick guide, you'll learn when to clean feeders and how to get started, but for the full instructions, click "Learn more" at any time.


When it's extremely hot out, you should clean your feeder and change the water for your hummingbirds twice a week. If it's not too hot, you can clean it once a week. In addition, if you notice dead insects, cloudy water, or mold, it's time to change the water and clean the feeder.

How Often to Clean

• Two buckets or a sink • Hot water • Paper towels, a    disposable rag, and/or an    old toothbrush for     scrubbing • Cleaning agent, such as     unscented dish soap,     vinegar, or bleach  • Straw cleaners or a Q-tip     to clean the ports • Waterproof cleaning     gloves (optional)

What You'll Need

Start by disposing of any water remaining in your feeder.  Then disassemble your feeder into its component parts and dump them into a bucket with water and one of the cleaning solutions. Let the feeder soak for a while. 


Once they've soaked, scrub all parts of the feeder thoroughly. Use the straw cleaner to scrub inside of the ports. Rinse the feeder in either the second, non-soapy bucket or in fresh tap water in the sink. Reassemble the feeder. Put fresh sugar water in, and put it back out for the birds to enjoy!


hummingbirds helps them throughout the year, but it's important to keep their feeders as clean as possible! Click "Learn more" below to learn the specifics of cleaning a feeder using each of the different cleaning solutions!