How to Water Poinsettia Plants


make great holiday decor for your home. With the right watering, they thrive until long after Christmas. Here are four methods for watering poinsettias, with the full guide available when you click "Learn more" on any slide.


You can water a poinsettia thoroughly from the top, then dump the excess water that drains out the bottom.

1. Traditional  Watering

You can place the plant in the sink, then turn the faucet on low until the excess water comes out the bottom and goes down the drain.

2. Watering in  the Sink

Place the poinsettia's pot in a bowl with about 2 inches of water in the bottom. Let it soak up the water for around 20 minutes, then dump the excess water.

3. Watering from  the Bottom

Place one ice cube in the plant's dish for every inch in diameter of your pot. For example, a 10” pot would need 8-10 ice cubes scattered over the surface of the soil. Leave them to soak into the soil, then check for dry soil in the following days.

4. Ice Cube  Method

watering is easy when you know how to do it! For more tips, including how often to water a poinsettia plant, click "Learn more" below.