Overwintering Begonias


begonias can save you time and money over time, and it's easy to do! Here's how to get started with both tuberous and wax begonias. The full guide is available when you click "Learn more" below. 


You can simply bring the begonia, pot and all, indoors for the winter if you have a cool area to keep it in. The plant will naturally die back and go dormant for winter once you water it less.

Storing Tuberous Begonias  in Pots

If you want to store just the tuber of a tuberous begonia, dig it up, let it dry, and store it in a cool, dark place for the winter.

Storing Begonia Tubers

To save a wax begonia, bring the pot inside (or dig up and pot one that was in the ground). It will continue blooming if given plenty of light and water throughout the winter!

Storing Wax Begonias

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