Overwintering Geraniums


geraniums can save you time and money over the years. Here's how to get started, along with three methods for overwintering. The full guide is available when you click "Learn more" below. 


Before storing the plant using any of the next few methods, make sure the plant is protected from frost and cold during any chilly nights. Also check it for any sign of disease or pests.

Preparing for Overwintering

You can simply bring the plant indoors for the winter if you have a sunny door or window to keep it near. This is the easiest method. With proper care, it may even continue blooming.

1. Storing as an  Indoor Plant

If you have a damp, dark storage area in your root cellar or basement, you can dig the geranium up and store its roots for the winter.

2. Root Storing

If you'd like to make new geranium plants, you can take a cutting of the original plant's stem and begin rooting it during the winter.

3. Keep a Cutting

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