How to Identify, Prevent, and Treat Tomato Blight


is a common tomato disease. While these slides cover general topics, you can find detailed information on the identification, prevention, and treatment of tomato blight by clicking the "Learn More" button below at any time.

Tomato Blight

• Early Blight     - Appears throughout        growing season      - Weakens plant and          harms production      - Brownish-grey rings on        leaves and stems

3 Types of Tomato Blight

• Late Blight     - Often appears later in        the growing cycle      - Kills plants in days      - Brown leaves, stems, and        fruits, lesions, and        mildew

3 Types of Tomato Blight

• Septoria Leaf Spot      - Not usually deadly, but          hurts production       - Small brown or black          spots with lighter          centers on leaves

3 Types of Tomato Blight

Pick blight resistant varieties Plant indoors and in greenhouses Keep leaves from getting wet or touching ground Water plants at the base Avoid planting near other plants affected by blight, like potatoes


• Early Blight     - Pruning, Fungicides • Late Blight     - Pulling and disposing of       all affected plants • Septoria Leaf Spot     - Pruning, Fungicides