When to Put Out Hummingbird  Feeders


will appear  in your yard soon, so make sure you're ready for them! Learn how to time when to put out hummingbird feeders in your area. For the full instructions, click "Learn more" below.


You should plan to put out hummingbird feeders two weeks before their usual arrival date in your area. Putting feeders out well before their arrival helps (literal) early birds get a snack and gives you a greater chance of seeing hummingbirds.


Start researching past and average arrival times in your area, along with where the birds currently are by clicking "Learn more" below.

Migration Patterns

Once you've determined where the birds are at and when they usually arrive in your area (for the northeast, it's usually between mid-April and early May), you can decide when to hang your feeders. It's usually best to start in late March or early April, but that can vary by year.


hummingbirds helps them throughout the year, but especially when it's early in the season and flowers are harder to find! Click "Learn more" to discover more interesting facts about their migration patterns plus early spring feeding tips!