All About Wild Leeks: How to Find & Harvest


are a great native vegetable to gather if you have a large crop of them. This quick guide will teach you three different harvest methods, but the full guide with tips and facts about leeks is available when you click "Learn more" on any slide.

Wild leeks

This leaves the bulb intact and doesn't kill the plant. It's also much less work! Each plant consists of a bulb and typically two or three leaves. By taking just one leaf, the bulb and remaining leaf can continue their life cycle. This is the ideal and most sustainable way to harvest, especially if you have a failing or overharvested leek patch.

1. Just a Leaf

Using a sharp knife, cut the bulb underground at an angle, leaving part of the bulb and all of the roots intact. This allows you to take the leaves and part of the bulb while leaving the remainder to grow back next year.

2. Cutting  the Bulb

If you have a truly prosperous patch, you can use this method, but it isn't as sustainable as the other options. Take a shovel along, and dig deep, making sure to get a good hold on the leeks before pulling them out. Only attempt this if you have a very large patch and use only small amounts each year.

3. Digging the  Whole Leek

the complete guide with tips for finding, using, and storing wild leeks,  click "Learn more" below!