Winterizing a Garden: Complete Guide


your garden is a vital part of fall, since you set the stage for a great garden next year by taking care of it now. Here are a few tips, with the full list available when you click "Learn more" below.


Bring any plants that resent cold temperatures inside, like begonias and geraniums.

Bring in  Tender Plants

At the end of the season, harvest all remaining crops left in the garden.

Harvest  Everything

Pull up all annuals and compost them. Prune back perennials like hydrangeas, asparagus, and more.

Pull Up/Prune Plants

Remove all weeds from the garden before winter to prevent them getting a head start in spring. Consider mulching with something like cardboard for ongoing prevention.

Remove Weeds

Add any raw manure or other harsh fertilizers to your garden before the ground freezes. It will have the winter to rot, leaving ideal soil for next spring.